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Thursday, September 21, 2017 Sells Defective Products
400 North Sam Houston Pkwy East, Suite 1050
Houston, TX 77060
Phone number (888) 256-8672
Prices: $$$$

Part of traveling is finding new and exciting places that peak our interest, sometimes resulting in a permanent move. This was the case when we traveled to the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with Portland, Oregon.

We recently moved into our new home and bought seven 2" deluxe faux wood blinds from, but the first five boxes we opened had faulty products inside. ALL had bent headers to one degree or another and the tilt mechanisms were either disengaged, broken or faulty.

First off, there were no instructions in the box, so I had to download them from the website (see above). The primary photo, depicting the details of the blind, is so blurry (top) in all of the instructions that it is nearly useless. This alone says a lot about their quality control standards. They also reference hardware (bottom) that did not come with our blinds, so we had to figure out how to install the cheap plastic clips that attach the valance to the blind header ourselves.

The headers are made of thick, rigid sheet metal, but every blind had a dent in the header from small and somewhat noticeable to big and extremely obvious. Fortunately, the header cover hides the bent metal on the inside, but the dents are clearly visible from the outside.

The tilt mechanisms are cheaply made with a single plastic gear controlling a hexagonal metal rod (1/3" in diameter at most) running the entire length of the blind (over 82" in two of the severn blinds). In every case, the hexagonal rod was disengaged from the gear attached to the cord pulleys that operate the tilt of the blinds, causing me to have to detach the blinds and repair the mechanism in order for the blinds to tilt. In one of the 82+ inch blinds we purchased, the bar and pulley were disengaged and even when I reinserted it, the tilt function would not work. After much trial and error, I finally got the blinds to tilt, but it is so difficult to pull on the cords that operate the mechanism that the blinds disengaged from the mounting brackets, fell, and hit my wife in the chest. They are still very difficult to maneuver and will eventually break as it is only a matter of time.

I contacted on their website contact page and through their advertised social media accounts, but after several days I still had not heard back, so I made a video and posted it on YouTube. They finally contacted me, stating that they "never received my messages or tweets", offering to replace or provide a refund for the damaged and/or faulty blinds. Neither option is acceptable as we would have to take them all down, box them up, and coordinate shipment back to the factory. We have already wasted enough time, installing and removing the blinds (in some cases several times) in order to get them to work properly or at all.

I will update this post once final resolution of this problem is reached.

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Title: Sells Defective Products

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Translation for Civilians: FUBAR = "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair"

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