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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Loule, Portugal: Yawning At The Unprofessionalism Of This Awning Company

Toldos - EtapaVeloz LDA
N396, Portugal
+351 960 161 417
Prices: €€€€

I was somewhat impressed at first because they came to our home on March 14th, took measurements, and provided a, relatively, on-time quote. They promised that I would have the quote by that evening, but I had to prompt them the following day and it was finally provided 24-hours late. 

This was my prompt with additional questions:
- I still have not receive the promised quote. I’d like to make a decision and have the awning(s) installed as soon as possible.
I also have some additional questions:
- How soon could the awning(s) be installed?

- Will installation be included in the quote/price? VAT?

- What forms of payment do you accept? Credit card?

- How long is the warranty and what does it include? Parts? Labor? How long?
Again, thank you and I look forward to receiving your quote soon so I can make a decision.
Only two of the four questions were answered and I still did not know how soon the awnings could be installed or what form of payment they accepted.

I should have taken my business elsewhere immediately, but I wasted another 10 days, sending questions that were either ignored or partially answered. It seemed as though the writer, who never identified him or herself, did not have the capacity to deal with more than one question at a time.

The final straw came the day before our appointment to go to there business and pick the fabrics, having decided to purchase two awnings for a total of €4182.

The companies website does not list an address, just a Google Maps location that looks like a junkyard. I inquired, for the second time, about their address, sending a photo of the location and asking if this was really the correct location. After all, we did not want to drive 30+ minutes and hope that it was the right place:

This was the response I received ...
'Yes, it´s photo of google maps is old, but the we warehouse is situated this address. 

I'm sensing a certain distrust on your part in relation to our work, I'm sorry, but feel free to choose whether you want the awnings or not. We thought it best to stop here, our company has been in the Algarve for 12 years and we have several residential and commercial clients.

Anyway, if you think you are going to waste your time, I come to say that your appointment has been cancelled.'
He or she cancelled our appointment for this morning because I asked if the location listed was correct or not!

I wrote back and apologized, stating that there seemed to be a communication problem and telling he/she/they that we had no reservations and wanted to pick the fabric. He/She/They wrote back and confirmed that the appointment for today at 10:00 the next morning had in fact been cancelled, even though we had already made plans to have someone take care of our dog, who has cancer.

That was the last straw! These people neither know how to run a business nor interact with customers, so I told them we would spend our money elsewhere where we would, hopefully, be appreciated and treated with dignity and respect.

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Title: Loule, Portugal: Yawning At The Unprofessionalism Of This Awning Company

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