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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Naples, Italy: Airbnb - Viviana 'Entire Condo' Was A Single Room Shared With Two Others And She Threw Me Out For Being American!

Viviana's Zona Ospedale Condo?

Location was as described, but it was not an entire condominium as advertised, it was a small, single room and bathroom in a 3-bedroom condo that has been sectioned off. You do not get the entire apartment, you have to share it with at least two other people.

The host discriminated against me upon arrival, telling me that I had to leave because Italy requires Americans to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. My Airbnb profile clearly displays our hometown, Portland, Oregon, so there should have been no surprise after making the reservation weeks ago.

I did not have the COVID-19 virus, having tested negative for COVID BEFORE DEPARTURE and traveled for 24 hours with a medical-grade face mask and face shield. 

I was then forced to go stay with my 80-year old mother who recently had a stroke, the reason I traveled to Naples, potentially exposing her to the virus instead of self-quarantining in an isolated location. I checked several other Airbnb's and local hotels after she threw me out, but they refused to let me stay because Neapolitans are ignorant and apparently are able to discriminate against Americans like Viviana did.

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