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Monday, April 25, 2016

If You Have Food Allergies, STAY AWAY From Mi Ranchito!

Mi Ranchito
707 W. 23rd Street
Lawrence, KS 66046
Phone: (785) 727-2005
Prices: $$$$

If you have food allergies, STAY AWAY!  For the umpteenth and last time, my wife (who is allergic to tomatoes) was brought her food order with tomatoes in it even though we specified "NO TOMATOES ... SHE'S ALLERGIC!"

They also brought me a house margarita "on the rocks" instead of "blended" as I had ordered and my machaca (shredded beef) fried tacos came with ground beef, but by this time I was fed up and ate them anyway.  The blended margarita ($6.50) had little if any alcohol or taste.

We have been to Mi Ranchito on numerous occasions, but stuff like this happens every time we eat here.  I have explained to management several times how dangerous it is to ignore customer identified food allergies, but it obviously does little good.  The manager brought us a coupon for "Buy one lunch entree, get one free!", but we do not go out for lunch, so ... there you go ... it's absolutely useless and worthless as far as we are concerned.

The food is not bad by Lawrence standards, if you get what you order, but the lack of concern for their customer's health is a major concern and will likely only be rectified after someone with a life threatening food allergy receives the food they are allergic to with potentially lethal consequences. 

Adios Mi Ranchito!

CombatCritic Gives Mi Ranchito 1 Bomb Out Of 10 ... I Cannot Give Them Anything Higher Due To Their Blatant Lack Of Concern For Customer Safety ... More Bombs Are Better!
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Title:  If You Have Food Allergies, STAY AWAY From Mi Ranchito!

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Translation for Civilians: FUBAR = "Fucked Up Beyond All Repair"

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