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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hostal Macavi: Inexpensive, Clean, Comfortable And Friendly, Unlike Hostal Playa Candor Down The Street

Hostal Macavi
C/ Écija,11
11520 Rota (Cádiz), Spain
Phone: + 34 956 81 33 36
Prices: €€€
I had a reservation through at Hostal Playa Candor in Rota, but I finally gave up waiting for a closed hostel to open, having a medical appointment at Naval Air Station Rota early the next morning. Upon arrival, the hostel was dark with no sign of life and nobody answered their phone, but I was lucky enough to find a hostel just down the street, Hostal Macavi, which was obviously open and where I was given a very nice room. They were also very nice, professional, and kind, unlike Hostal Playa Candor. 
Hostal Playa Candor - Dark & Deserted Upon Arrival For My Reservation And Their Phone Rang Off the Hook When I Tried to Call!
I was greeted by the owner, Vicente, at the door of Hostal Macavi at 22:00, arriving without a reservation and was told they had rooms available for just €30 ($36) for the night. 
His English was good enough and better than my Spanish, so communication was not a problem. Vicente told me where I could park and even came outside on a chilly, windy night to ensure I found a legal place to secure my car for the night.
I took the elevator to the 1st floor and when I saw the room, I was very pleasantly surprised for the price I paid. Large and simply, but tastefully decorated with a full size bed, a chair and table, closet, clean linens, a nice, big bathroom and a 42" TV mounted on the wall. They had Wi-Fi, but the signal was so weak, I could not connect. No bother as I had to get to sleep and get up early for my medical appointment early the next morning.
I slept like a log on the comfortable bed with no noise all night, took a shower in the huge enclosure, got dressed and went downstairs for a hot cup of coffee before departing.
Carlos cheerfully greeted me and we chatted for 45 minutes while I drank my coffee. His English was very good, having lived in the USA and England for many years. When it was time to go, he said 'that will be €1', a fair price for a double shot Americano with milk and sugar in an American size coffee mug ... HOOAH!

CombatCritic Gives Hostal Macavi 10 Bombs Out Of 10 And A Spot On My 'WALL OF FAME' ... More Bombs Are Better!

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Title: Hostal Macavi: Inexpensive, Clean, Comfortable And Friendly, Unlike Hostal Playa Candor Down The Street

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