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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sherwood, OR: Red Robin Laid Egg, Film At 11

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
21170 Langer Farms Parkway
Sherwood, OR 97140
Phone number: (503) 625-9500
Prices: $$$$

First, they don't publish accurate beer prices on the menu (one of my pet peeves), so buyer beware. The menu said "select domestic 22 ounce drafts - $3.50", so I figured a simple domestic IPA would either be $3.50 or a buck or two more (max) ... WRONG ... when the check arrived I was shocked to see that i had to pay $7.79 for a domestic draft beer. This is exactly why I hate restaurants that do not publish prices (drinks or otherwise) on their menu. Never again!

Then, they burned my wife's Four Cheese Melt ($7.99). Gordon Ramsey would have had a shit fit, but he was not there unfortunately. By the time we got our server's attention, it was late (after 9pm) and we had no choice other than to have the kitchen prepare an unburnt one. Where the hell is their quality control? We think the server may have attempted to offer an ice cream sundae for our trouble, but it was not obviously clear, stating: "can I bring you a sundae", instead of "we'd like to offer you an ice cream sundae on the house for your trouble". In the end, there was a $1 "Manager's Discount" on our check, bringing the price of my overpriced beer down to $6.79, still way too much.

From their special Red Tavern ($6.99) menu I ordered the Pig Out Tavern Double with smoked bacon, bacon-crumble aioli and American cheese, upgrading it to a "gourmet" (larger) beef patty for a $4 up-charge apparently ($10.99 total on check). I have had MANY burgers in the $5.99 to $8.99 range at other locals that were far superior to this. It came with a small portion of "ENDLESS" fries, which are only endless if your server happens to stop by from time to time which ours did not. Nuff said.

A real bummer, we will not be going back any time soon. Overpriced, small, and mediocre in flavor, if not burnt, I was completely unimpressed.

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Title: Sherwood, OR: Red Robin Laid Egg, Film At 11

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