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Friday, March 1, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii: Hilo Burger Joint's Cooks Need A Remedial Class In Burger Cooking

Hilo Burger Joint
776 Kilauea Avenue
Hilo, HI 96720
Phone number (808) 935-8880
Prices: $$$$

The building has obviously been there a long time, bright red, and it calls out ... "come eat a burger here", so we did.
It took forever to get my draft beer ($6 and the cheapest on the menu - several were $8) because the bartender forgot and had to be reminded by our server. It was cold and tasty nonetheless.
My wife ordered the Mushroom and Swiss Burger ($13) well-done and I the Chili Cheeseburger (also $13) medium-well, both coming with a side o' fries. My wife cannot eat rare meat, so of course her burger came blood rare. She took one bite and nearly hurled. Our server was very gracious when we showed him the bloody mess, apologizing profusely and asking the kitchen to cook another as specified. It finally arrived after 15 minutes and my wife gobbled it down, praising the end result as "very good". My chili burger was also pretty good, but it did not have nearly enough chili on it. A chili burger should either have chili oozing out all over your hands or be served open face and smothered with chili and cheese, but this one was neither. The fries were plentiful, however, hot, crispy, and tasty.
Chili Cheeseburger $13

The First Mushroom Swiss Burger $13

My Burger - My Wife's Was, As Gordon Ramsey Would Say, "A Bloody Mess"
A place with "Burger" in their name should know how to properly cook a hamburger, so they get dinged heavily for that shortcoming. They did make up for it a bit by comping my wife's burger, but the forgetful bartender also had a negative impact on my perception of the overall experience. Having paid a tad over $30 plus tip, it was a decent TravelValue considering Hawaiian prices, leaving me a bit perplexed. BTW, do not forget to Check In on Yelp to claim your 10% Discount ... HOOAH! In the end, ...

CombatCritic Gives Hilo Burger Joint 6 Bombs Out Of 10 ... More Bombs Are Better!

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Translation for Civilians: "Good To Go"

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Title: Hilo, Hawaii: Hilo Burger Joint's Cooks Need A Remedial Class In Burger Cooking

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