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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Amazon: Lightweight Travel/Carry Golf Bag Is Junk Made in China - Do Not Purchase

Rock Bottom Golf
6701 College Drive
Suffolk, VA 23435-3336
(877) 540-4653

I bought a US Air Force lightweight golf bag on Amazon less than two month ago. The stitching on the back (connecting the straps) with the Air Force logo started coming apart almost immediately and I had to stitch it so that the padding would not fall out.

I bought a nearly identical LA Dodgers golf bag less than two years ago that had similar issues (the zipper on the main side compartment broke and the bag became useless). Both have something inside the bag that continuously unravels, leaving long thin black threads on the clubs as you pull them out and I am continuously pulling the threads off as I take my grip. This is a distraction I would rather do without. 

This is how I pulled it out of the bag - normally I find long, thin threads on my hands
These bags are very poor quality and the 14 club inserts have become difficult to insert clubs into, probably because those unraveling threads are blocking the way. It seems as though the 14 insert 'tubes' are separated by thin, cheap nylon material that are sewn into place with that very black thread and they are also falling apart just weeks after purchase. 
Finally, the metal loop that connects the back straps to the bag is attached by a cheap, thin mesh and the loop constantly moves out of position (90 degrees). I gave up moving it back to the way it is supposed to be because, at least, it seems to stay in the new position.
This bag is the Hot-Z Golf US Military (Air Force) Stand Bag purchased on Amazon from Rock Bottom Golf and 'rock bottom' is a very appropriate name, not in terms of prices, but due to quality issues, poor customer service, and lack of integrity, definitely putting them at the bottom of the pond with the rocks and other pond scum. 

I ordered two used Wilson D7 hybrids from Rock Bottom Golf a few weeks back, spending quite a bit money on them and a few other things, but when they arrived, the 4-hybrid had the wrong shaft. I called them immediately and told them I received the wrong club, but they could have cared less, offering me $5 off of my next order. Next order? As George Bush always said, 'not gonna happen, wouldn't be prudent'!

CombatCritic Gives Hot-Z Golf US Military Stand Bag and Rock Bottom Golf 2 Bombs Out Of 10 ... More Bombs Are Better!
Two Bombs Equates To:

Translation for Civilians: "Tits Up" 

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Title: Amazon: Lightweight Travel/Carry Golf Bag Is Junk Made in China - Do Not Purchase

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