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Faro, Portugal; Great Expectations, Oustanding View, But A Disappointing Breakfast Buffet

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Coimbra, Portugal: Historic, Epic, 1580 Manor House, Superb Hospitality, and a Terrific TravelValue!

Quinta do Regalo
N111, 3025-309 
Coimbra, Portugal
Phone: +351 962 045 695
Prices: €€€€
Upon reaching the Quinta do Regalo in Coimbra, you experience the exciting sensation of traveling back in time. The stony gate opens on a charming winding path, flanked by an abundance of flowers and trees that immediately make you feel welcome and at peace.
At the end of the driveway stands the house, a villa dating back to 1580 that has kept its charm intact through the centuries. Our hosts, Vitor and  and Helena, were waiting for us and showed us to our room, giving us a little time to put the bags away and refresh ourselves. 
There was a great attention to the latest anti-Covid measures: everyone was wearing masks, there was sanitizing gel in every corner and we were also provided with shoe covers to use inside. Needless to say, everything was spotlessly clean.
We were led to the back garden, overlooking the huge swimming pool and the countryside. Under an arched porch, we sipped freshly made lemonade with mint and some homemade cookies, while our host wrote down our info and gave us some tips concerning local restaurants.
We were then given a tour of the property, that is impressive. The house, embellished on the outside by a towering bougainvillea and lovely flowerbeds, has been kept as it was with the addition of modern comforts. The walls are covered in azulejo tiles, the furniture is mostly antique, the wood floors are shining clean with beautiful, strategically placed carpets scattered about. 
Our room was a little jewel and we really felt as if we were stepping back into the 16th century. Two windows overlooked the lawn and small gifts, including the delicious cookies and cakes, water and locally grown fruit, had been left for us on the table. The bathroom was modern, with a wide, comfortable shower and a huge double sink. Local ceramic and flowers, as well as a variety of luxurious towels and bathrobes, awaited us.

Adjacent to our room was a small sitting room with a wardrobe and, on the other side of the corridor, a huge living area with an inviting fireplace, a billiard table and, last but not least, a wall sized panel of hand painted and gorgeous azulejo. The attention to every small detail was stunning! 

The rest of the property was just as charming and incredibly well kept. We visited the chapel, no more in use but still elegant and solemn, and the surrounding land, where organic fruits and vegetables, grown on the spot, then reach then the guests’ table. Vitor was a knowledgeable host, proud and passionate about his place and his activity.

Breakfast was an unforgettable experience too. We were given the choice of eating inside at the huge dining table, surrounded by antique furniture and ceramic, or outside under the porch, overlooking the countryside and Coimbra. We opted to sit outside and were welcomed the following morning by a veritable buffet. 
Coffee, tea, muffins, ham, cheese, yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruit, jam, butter, freshly made scrambles eggs, coffee and teas … you name it! But the highlight was certainly the bread, freshly baked by Helena – who also gives baking lessons, by the way. There were several different kinds of bread in the basket, warm and soft, it was impossible to eat just one roll. Helena also bakes the cookies and the cakes that tempt you wherever you walk inside the house, so be warned that you will put on a couple of kilos at least.
The property is in the countryside and is very quiet, but it is actually a few minutes away from the city of Coimbra, so you have the best of two worlds: you are surrounded by relaxing greenery, but in less than fifteen minutes you can reach museums, restaurants and shops. 
Coimbra is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer and Quinta do Regalo is an ideal place to stay: you will be in touch with nature, pampered by two very attentive and kind hosts, and, at the same time, be near all the places you want to see.

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Title: Coimbra, Portugal: Historic, Epic, 1580 Manor House, Superb Hospitality, and a Terrific TravelValue!

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