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Leroy Merlin - Fraud, Rudeness, Unprofessional Behavior, and a Total Lack of Integrity Here is a video detailing all of the problems I have ...

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal: Ay Caramba, Great Mexican Food In Portugal!

El Cabron Tacos and Tequilas
Largo Santos 5 
1200-808 Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: 966 785 574
Prices: €€€€
Born in SoCal, LA to be precise, and a Texas resident for 20+ years, I know my Mexican food and this place is the real deal.
My wife and I attempted to eat here on our first visit to Lisbon in 2019, but they were closed, so we ate at a Capo Verde restaurant nearby, which was also good. Having brought my youngest son to Lisbon this time, we both had a hankerin' for Mexican food, so I relocated El Cabron and the rest is herstory (am I 'woke' ... NAHHH!).

We started with two 'House' Margaritas (€6 each - 2 liters for €35 was more than we could drink) and an order of Chips and Guacamole (€6 - full menu below).

The guac came with a smattering of chips, could have been more, and a small cup of some pretty decent guacamole, not as good as mine, but better than most.
We also asked for some red salsa and the server asked 'Habeñero?', to which I replied 'yes'. My butt will not like me tomorrow, but it was awesome.

The margaritas were not huge, maybe 10 ounces, but they were strong and some of the best I have had, in the States or anywhere else for that matter, for a long time. Maybe we should have gone for the two liters (€35)? No, that would have been too much (alcohol and money) for just two people.  A one liter option for €18 to €20 would have been nice, but we were told 'not gonna happen, wouldn't be prudent'.
I ordered the 'Fajitas' tacos (4 for €10), roasted pork, red onion, cilantro and guacamole, and my son had the "Crispy Chicken Burrito" (€9). Neither came with rice or beans, but the burrito came with some more chips and a little pico de gallo and a swirl of sour cream on top.
My four tacos came on "street taco' size corn tortillas with plenty o' pork and at least €6 worth of guacamole combined as well as some diced red onion, cilantro and sliced lime on the side. They were DELICIOUS!

I did not try my son's burrito, but he was very happy, so I took his word for it.
All in all, this was definitely the best, most authentic Mexican food I have had in Europe and was better than most 'average' Mexican restaurants in the US of A. The only drawbacks were 1) the skimpy number of chips that came with the guacamole; 2) the teeny, tiny thimble full of salsa we received; and 3) the lack of a one liter margarita option, bringing the price down to under €5 a glass.

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Title: Lisbon (Lisboa), Portugal: Ay Caramba, Great Mexican Food In Portugal!

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