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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Washougal, WA: Victoricos - Not Bad, But Not Good, For The Price, Either

Victoricos Washougal
103 C Street
Washougal, WA 98671
(360) 954-5892
Prices: $$$$
The food is not bad, but the prices are a bit absurd for the quality/quantity.

We ordered online, so, of course, it was more expensive than going to the restaurant and ordering in-person. I understand that, but I had no idea they jack-up the prices AND charge a fee AND you pay a tip, not to mention tax, again, of course. Food delivery in Portugal, where we live, is much different, paying the in-store menu price, but adding a small fee and tip.

I ordered 3 Rolled Tacos ($6.49 / $4.99), a Two Enchilada Combo ($12.50 / $11.50), a Shredded Beef Taco ($5.29 / $4.29), a Fajitas Plate Combo ($17.99 / $15.49) and a small side of Rice and Beans ($4.99 / $3.99) for my son and me.

The taquitos were very good, crispy with lots of shredded beef and topped with guac and cheddar cheese.
I was actually shocked when I saw the shredded beef taco. It was small, a little bigger than the palm of my hand, coming with a fair amount of shredded beef, lettuce, and cheese. It was more than a tad greasy, but it tasted good, however, for $5.29 I expected something a little special ... bigger? guac? pico de gallo? tomato? 24 carat gold sprinkles? ... Olé! It is the most expensive taco I have ever eaten and I have chowed-down a shitload of tacos.
The enchiladas were decent enough, but the container was too narrow, so there was zero sauce between the first inch and the last. Tjere was little cheese as well. They were difficult to cut into bite-size pieces because the dry beef was clinging together. SNAFU!
At $5, the side of rice and beans was a joke. I kept looking for the other container because I expected that only the rice OR the beans was in the one I found, but, when I opened it up, the rice AND beans were both crammed-in. Surprise! The beans were okay, but the rice was tasteless.

A 15% markup, $7, on a $40.26 bill, a total of $47.26 for everything we ordered, so with tip and service fee, it brought the total to $56.08. Not unheard of I guess, but I was very surprised when I found out the difference in the pricing.

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Title: Washougal, WA: Victoricos - Not Bad, But Not Good, For The Price, Either

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