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Saturday, December 28, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico Bus and Train Information

San Juan, Puerto Rico Bus and Train Information

If traveling by public conveyance in San Juan, Puerto Rico, there is not a decent website or app I could find with a good map of the bus and train system. Not wanting my fellow travelers to hunt as much as I did to find a map, the folks at Puerto Rico DayTrips have published a decent product on their website:

Courtesy of the Nice Folks, Ray and Gwenn, at Puerto Rico Day Trips (Link Above)
You can always go to a bus stop and ask someone for help as many locals speak English. There are information counters at the train stations where you can also buy free cards for the trains and busses that you can load as much money on as you like, eliminating the need to take rolls of quarters with you (required on trains - buses only take coins). 

Good luck!

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