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Monday, March 23, 2015

The 20 Coolest Towns in the US - Matador Network

    Matador Network's Top 10 Coolest Towns ...
    1. Asheville, NC
    2. Frisco, CO ... Been there
    3. Laguna Beach, CA ... Grew up there
    4. North Charleston, SC ... Done that
    5. Sun Valley, ID
    6. Missoula, MT
    7. Freeport, NY
    8. Marfa, TX ... Got the t-shirt
    9. Lawrence, KS ... Live here
    10. Mount Desert Island, ME
    The 20 coolest towns in the US - Matador Network
    Lawrence, Kansas   

    You have to visit the Matador Network and read the article to see #11 - #20 ...

    Photos Courtesy of the Matador Network

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    Title: The 20 Coolest Towns in the US - Matador Network

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