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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Yachats, OR: Her Name May Be Swiss, But Heidi Can Cook Italian ... BRAVO!

Heidi’s Italian Dinners

84 Beach Street
Yachats, OR 97498
Phone: (541) 547-4409
Facebook Page: Heidi's Italian Dinners
Prices: $$$$

Not a rousing welcome to begin with, I'll spare you the details, but the evening rallied on and I was a fan by night's end. Heidi's is a cute, but somewhat nondescript building inside with a nice garden that happens to overlook the Yachats River Estuary, adjoining the massive and majestic Pacific Ocean.
I stopped by on Tuesday, but they were closed, seeing a woman I suspected was Heidi watering the plants, She was friendly and helpful, but obviously had better things to do than chat with me. I made a reservation for the following evening.
I had a table next to the window with a partial view of the estuary and ocean less than 100 yards away. Everyone was friendly enough, but matter of fact with little interaction. I ordered the Caesar Salad ($4) the Lasagna ($17), and a bottle of local IPA ($4.50).
The Caesar was proceeded by an array of garlic bread slices and grilled polenta on which to nosh. The salad was of medium size and well done with three croutons scattered about. I saved some of the polenta and garlic bread, utilizing it on the salad and adding a bit of texture to the dish once the croutons were toast.
The lasagna was the coup de grâce. Heidi obviously comes from Italian descent because this was as good as any homemade lasagna I have had, including my mom's (sorry mom) and my grandma's among several others. When there is no need to add grated parmigiana (parmesan to Americans) to a pasta dish, it is properly made. Not large for the $17 price tag by any stretch, even though delicious, it would have been a better value in the $10-$13 range (taking the location and view into account) or $14-$17 if the salad were included.

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Heidi's Italian Dinners
Heidi's Italian Dinners
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Title: Yachats, OR: Her Name May Be Swiss, But Heidi Can Cook Italian ... BRAVO!

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