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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Editorial: Kayak and Delta Share Core Values - Zero Integrity And Dishonesty

Delta Airlines Performs A Classic Bait and Switch, Doubling The Price Of An Airfare To Over $3000 After Hitting "Purchase"!

I found two @Delta fares on @Kayak for $757 round-trip each to Naples, Italy on September 1st, but when I spent over 10 minutes entering our personal details and credit card info and then hit "enter", Delta refused to process the ticket and doubled the price! Can you say "bait and switch"? Sure ya can, because that is exactly what Delta did. The message stated that the fare was now $1500+ each (over $3000 total - a $1500 increase from the advertised airfare) if I wanted to continue booking. I did not.

The transaction even hit my credit card because I received text and email alerts warning me of a possible fraudulent transaction. When I replied, telling my bank that it was not fraud, they replied and told me that the transaction had already been reversed.

As a retired military officer, integrity is my mantra. Obviously, and Delta Airlines do not undertsand the meaning of the word.

WTFO? Shame on you both!

This is exactly why we stopped flying Delta and started flying United exclusively. I will also consider using an airfare consolidator other than, like, from now on for letting this happen. I wasted 30-40 minutes of valuable time researching fares, departure times, flight and layover duration, and entering required information for payment, only to be told AFTER confirming the purchase that the fare was no longer available.

I think the FAA and Georgia Attorney General need to hear about this classic bait and switch tactic ... don't you?

The V.P. of eCommerce Operations ay Kayak replied to my concerns with this crap:
From: Esther - KAYAK <>Date: Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 7:54 PMSubject: Your recent KAYAK Feedback 
"Hello and thank you for contacting KAYAK and sharing your experience.
Please keep in mind KAYAK is a travel website whereby you search for travel options and we provide you with search results and choices on where to complete a reservation.  Further upon selecting the order to process with Delta you left our website and we no longer have insight into the reservation attempt or fares.  
Please keep in mind prices and availability change frequently and it is possible the fares changed from the time you selected an itinerary until you when you were completing a reservation. Further fares are not guaranteed and ticketed and confirmed.
If you require further assistance we suggest you contact Delta directly.
Thank you,
EstherKAYAK VP, eCommerce Operations"

My response was as follows:
"Once I go to the carrier's website to complete the reservation, that fare should be locked in until I submit payment, which I did. Delta even charged my credit card before reversing it!
Don't tell me a consolidator site as large as Kayak doesn't have some pull with the airlines. Kayak should raise the BS flag with Delta. It's not right to waste Kayak customer's time. My post is getting a lot of attention and it doesn't reflect favorably on Delta or Kayak.
Your reply is canned and self serving and I find it offensive. I did contact Delta and they refuse to respond. Why don't you stand up for your customers? Kayak profits greatly from sending people to other sites, then you wash your hands? Integrity? "
Here is the sorry, self-serving response from Kayak's vice President of eCommerce Operatons:
"I am sorry to hear you believe my response is canned because it certainly is not. The intent of the reply was to inform you about KAYAK's service which is a travel website whereby you search for travel options ( please visit: to learn more).
Also, please keep in mind we do not set the prices displayed in the search results nor do we control any of the fares. Further, as noted, prices and availability can change quite quickly as a result prices are not guaranteed by booking providers until they are purchased and ticketed.
Hope this helps clarify further.
Kind regards, 
KAYAK VP, eCommerce Operations"
Like, who could care less about their customers (see my post on Guest House Vlado), Kayak is just another travel consolidator that makes money off of all of us by routing us to another website, then washing their hands of whatever happens next.

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Title: Editorial: Kayak and Delta Share Core Values - Zero Integrity And Dishonesty

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