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Sunday, March 11, 2018

TravelTech: Acer Refused To Stand Behind Under-Warranty Laptop Defect, Leaving Me With A $350 Doorstop

Acer America Corporation
333 West San Carlos Street, Suite 1500
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 533-7700

I bought this Acer laptop for my wife on, having grown weary of her near constant complaints about Apple in general and her Macbook Pro in particular. This model had everything she needed to send emails, create documents, Skype with friends and family and surf Facebook, simple stuff and at a fairly low price.
It felt a bit flimsy with a cheap plastic chassis underneath, but worked well enough UNTIL just before Christmas 2017. She turned it on one evening while visiting family in Italy only to find rows of vertical black lines running down the left side of the screen. Because we were abroad without internet at her mom's house, I was neither able to access my Amazon Prime account to find out exactly when we had received the computer nor access Acer's website to see if we could somehow contact tech support while in Southern Europe. I thought we were still well within the 1-year warranty period, so I decided to contact Acer as soon as we got home about 7 weeks later on 2/10/2018.

When I returned and checked my Amazon orders, I found, sure enough, that I had purchased the laptop on 1/22/2017 and it was delivered 1/24/2017. Just my luck, only 20 days out of warranty! Do these things have timers that set off a self-destruct trigger coinciding with warranty expiration? It sure seems like they do. I was hopeful that Acer would be customer-friendly and stand behind their product (like many quality companies do as an "exception to policy") even though I was unable to contact them within the warranty period due to our extenuating circumstances.

I called Acer first thing on the Monday morning (2/12/2018) after our return and pleaded for compassion from the customer service rep (Patrick). He sounded somewhat sympathetic, telling me that he asked his supervisor for an exception to policy, maybe, which he said was "denied". He told me that I would have to pay $229.99 out-of-pocket to have the cheap screen on our $350 computer repaired, a screen that had failed well within the warranty period. I told him "thanks, but no thanks" and that Acer had lost a customer, a customer that could have been a lifetime Acer user had they treated me with compassion and professionalism, standing behind their faulty product because it would have been the "right thing to do". Like my experiences with Apple, I found this customer-unoriented behavior unprofessional and shortsighted. 

LESSON LEARNED: If traveling, contact the manufacturer immediately if you run into a technical issue with a product, particularly if you are unsure of exactly when the warranty expires ... they probably will not budge on the warranty, particularly if it is low-quality, low-class Acer.

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Title: TravelTech: Acer Refused To Stand Behind Under-Warranty Laptop Defect, Leaving Me With A $350 Doorstop

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