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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Naples, Italy: Rocco And His Bothers And A Very Pushy Waiter

Rocco e Suoi Fratelli
Via San Giacomo dei Capri 155
80131 Naples, Italy
Phone number +39 081 5465302
Prices: €€€

We have ordered pizza from this place many times and have always been happy with the quality and price, so we decided to eat at the restaurant itself with our good friends visiting from Portland ... BIG MISTAKE!

My wife, who is Italian and has a home next door, made the reservation, but we (my two American friends and I) arrived 10-15 minutes before she and her mom. The server was all over us from the beginning, spotting an "opportunity" in a location that does not see many tourists.

He started bringing out the big (expensive) fish from the get-go and when I asked for "un litro di vino rosso della casa" (a liter of red house wine), he instead brought out three bottles, one from Benevento (which is 40 miles away) and two from the north of Italy (neither of which are local house wines). My friend picked one of the bottles, so I kept my trap shut, knowing that a much more cost effective and equally good liter of wine was likely available.

My wife and her mother soon arrived and the same pushy server insisted that we did not need menus and that he was going to recommend what we eat (in order to pump up the bill as much as possible), but I insisted on seeing a menu. Alas, there was in-fact "Vino Rosso della Casa" (€4) on the menu, but by that time it was too late as my friend had already picked one of the three much more expensive options presented. The server hovered around, not letting us have the opportunity to settle-in and have a look at the menu, so our (American) friends had already been persuaded to order what he wanted them to order.

I suggested that we get some Frittura Mista (deep fried potato crocchè, mozzarella, and zeppoline) and the server insisted that we get two orders (€8 each) for 5 people, but, as I thought, we barely touched one of them. My friend also ordered Alici Fritti (€8), kinda like fried sardines, but I did not partake, so I cannot comment.

Not swayed in the least by the high priced fish, I ordered my regular, a Pizza Salsiccia e Friarielli (€6.50/$7.40 - sausage and sauteed broccoli rabe) and my wife a Pizza Capricciosa (€5.50/$6.25) which were both excellent as usual. My good friend who decided to go with the fish (€20) as did my mother-in-law (€14) and his gluten-intolerant wife followed my recommendation and ordered the Salsiccia (€6) and Friarielli (€5), adding an order Roasted Potatoes (€5).

Overall, the food was decent, the prices a bit higher than average for Naples, but the thing that irked me was the pushy waiter trying to make an easy buck off of the Americans. Well, his tip partially made up for it and was probably half of what he would have gotten if he simply did his job - take orders and deliver food. Oddly enough, the €8 frittura was twice as much as the ones they have usually delivered with our pizzas at my mother-in-law's house. Explain that! I will explain it ...

CombatCritic Gives Rocco and His Brothers 5 Bombs Out Of 10 With A 3 Bomb Deduction From Previous Pizza-Only Orders ... More Bombs Are Better!

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Title: Naples, Italy: Rocco And His Bothers And A Very Pushy Waiter

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