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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lawrence, Kansas: Siam Feeling My Arteries Clogging After Eating Their Curry

Thai Siam
601 South Kasold Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: (785) 331-2525
Website: Don't Have One
Prices: $$$$

This review will be shorter than most because I only had takeout for myself this time and the last time I tried to eat there, the lady would not let me in because I was there eight minutes before opening at 5pm, so I left. I should not have returned ... fool me once, shame on me (you know the rest).
I ordered egg rolls (2 for $2.25) and the Panang Beef Curry ($9.99). When I asked what was in the curry, I was told that there was "beef, curry, Thai basil, carrots and peanuts". I love beef, curry, basil and peanuts, but I do not like cooked carrots and they REFUSED to substitute potatoes or green peppers for the carrots. "We do not make substitutions" - not very flexible.
When I got home I found no peanuts in the curry, but in addition to the carrots there were red and green bell pepper and sliced jalapeños. No substitutions? Let me just say that it was not great. 

There was far too much fat (oil) floating on top and not nearly enough beef in the curry. I will say it once again for the second time in a week ... "hey Wendy, where's the beef?". In fact, there was so much oil that I skimmed 3-4 ounces off the top (see photos), all I could, and there was still too much fat. The flavor, once de-fatified, was not bad, but I can get a much better and cheaper Panang Beef Curry at Zen Zero on Mass Street for $1.70 less and I do not have to eat carrots.
The egg rolls were egg rolls, possibly made in house, but much like the curry, too greasy. I can feel my arteries clogging as I sit here writing this two hours later. If I were to die of a heart attack in my sleep tonight, I am sure this meal would be a contributing factor.

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Title: Lawrence, Kansas: Siam Feeling My Arteries Clogging After Eating Their Curry

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