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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Camas, WA: Non-Discretionary "5% Surcharge For Non-Tipped Employees" Is An Outrage

Feast At 316
316 Dallas Street
Camas, WA 98607
Phone number (360) 210-7498
Prices: $$$$

I do not usually write reviews of places I have not frequented, but I feel compelled on this occasion to do so due to this statement printed on their menus (posted online): 
"Please note that a 5% surcharge is being added to each check to ensure equal pay for non-tipped employees."
I will not be eating at Feast At 316 anytime soon because of this absurd policy. I have actually heard decent things about the food, but when you have to pay $25 for "Meatloaf" ala carte (no soup/salad) PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 5% FOR NON-TIPPED EMPLOYEES (in addition to 20% expected by the servers), you have lost my interest and custom.

Get a clue and pay your employees a fair wage as I am sure there is plenty of "fat" in the price of your $25 meatloaf, a $42.50 shot 12 year old whiskey, and other not-cheap dishes/drinks to pay your employees commensurate with their duties. Another possibility, having worked in the restaurant industry for many years, non-tipped employees could always be taken care of by servers out of their own tips. After all, with 20%+ "expected" these days for even the most mediocre service, servers are the ones who benefit from kitchen, bus and host/hostess staff's professional and efficient duty performance. Let them pay the 5% if you are too cheap to pay your employees properly. Employee pay is considered overhead and your responsibility, not the responsibility of your customers.

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Title: Camas, WA: Non-Discretionary "5% Surcharge For Non-Tipped Employees" Is An Outrage!

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