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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Naples, Italy: Mediocre Service, High Prices, Decent Pizza - Open New Year's Day Eve!

Le 3 Sorelle
Via San Giacomo, 6
80133 Naples, Italy
Phone number +39 081 19339202
Website: None
Facebook Page
Prices: €€€€

There were more places open on New Year's Day than on Christmas Day, one of them being Le 3 Sorelle (The 3 Sisters), but all of them were packed to the gills. Le 3 Sorelle has only a couple of table inside and they were taken, but there were a couple open on the sidewalk, so I grabbed one. They had a couple standing propane space heaters, but they were not on and it was a teensy-weensy bit chilly on this early January evening, but at least I could get some chow.

The service was not friendly, but they were busy, so I will give them that. I did have to wait about 15 minutes for someone to take my order and, even then, I had to make eye contact and indicate that I was ready. In the interim, a group of seven Italians arrived (well after me) and already had their drinks before I had even ordered, so they must have been VIPs.
It was late by American standards, around 10:15PM when I got there, so I was hungry but wanted something quick. What better than pizza Napolitana which takes just 90 seconds to cook in a wood-fired oven? Well, it took another 10-15 minutes to bring my 1/2 liter of vino rosso della casa (house red wine - €7) and at least another 15 minutes to get my pizza. OK, they were busy.
I ordered the pizza "Terra" (€7 or $8.50 - "ground/earth"), my favorite pizza with friarielli (broccoli rabe sauteed in olive oil and garlic) and sausage, but in this case they used provola, a local smoked, soft cheese similar to mozzarella in consistency, rather than the more traditional fior di latte (fresh mozzarella made with cow's milk). The pizza was hot and good, but a little "olio piccante" (hot, spicy EVO flavored with peperoncino), which you cannot find in other parts of Italy by the way, added some extra flavor and heat.
I was neither happy with having to wait so long to order, being ignored over other arriving guests, nor the long wait for the wine and pizza, but the pizza was very good. The prices were also much higher than other comparable, small pizzerias and trattorias in the area with the pizza being about €2 ($2.40) more than elsewhere and the wine about €4.50 ($5.45) more expensive, so my meal was not a great value either. With the additional €1 ($1.20) coperto (cover charge), my total came to €15 ($18.10), making this place, by Neapolitan standards, rather expensive and otherwise pretty "average" ... cosi cosi (so-so).

I will be somewhat more generous in my rating than I normally would be just because they were open on New Year's Day, they were very busy, and the pizza was pretty good.

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Title: Naples, Italy: Mediocre Service, High Prices, Decent Pizza - Open New Year's Day Eve!

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