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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Naples, Italy: Frittole - An Imaginary Tuscan Village - I Could Not Imagine Pizza So Good


Via Leonardo Bianchi 2

80131 Naples, Italy
Phone number: +39 081 0012440
Prices: € € € €

Much better than under previous management, the pizza is very good and the vino locale (local wine) is cheap and refreshing. The ambiance has improved with a nice outdoor patio as you enter and upgrades to the interior with a medieval theme, including servers with period costumes. 

The pizza is their specialty and they do it very well, eat in or take out. They also have other choices, but, honestly, I have only had the pizza which, by Neapolitan standards is above average. My favorites are the pizza salsiccia e friarielli (sausage and broccoli rabe) and salami (salame in Italian) with peperoncino, both of which I have had several times. Prices are extremely fair, with four pizzas, a bag of zeppoline (fried dough balls), and a complimentary glass of wine while waiting for our takeout coming to just €24 and as they would say in Boston ... what a bahgain!
Pizzas are made in the traditional Neapolitan way, all ingredients fresh and local, then baked in about 90 seconds in a brick oven reaching over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, being turned every 30 seconds by the pizzaiuolo (pizza maker) to ensure even cooking. 
The pizza salsiccia e friarielli is made with a special Neapolitan dough recipe (you will not find pizza dough like this anywhere else in the world), provolone cheese, friarielli (broccoli rabe sauteéd in olive oil and garlic), then topped with sliced or crumbled sweet Italian sausage (peperoncino optional) and some extra virgin olive oil (EVO). 
The pizza salame piccante is made with the same dough, then basted with fresh tomato sauce (made only with San Marzano tomatoes, grown only in the fields of Agro Sarnese-Nocerino and just below Mount Vesuvius), then topped with fior di latte (fresh, locally made mozzarella) or mozzarella di bufala (mozzarella made only in the Naples area from the milk of the Italian Water Buffalo), thin slices of local salami, EVO, and peperonicino (also optional).
Quatro Stagione
Pizza Napolitano is different than pizza found anywhere else in Italy. The baked pizza dough is very thin, but holds-up well when cut into "American-style" slices (Italians normally eat pizza with a knife and fork, not with the hands) as Italian pizza is never served cut, only whole. The crust is thick, but very light and you will find an occasional small burnt spot or seven on the pizza bottom from the scorching hot oven. Frittole prepares their pizzas in the traditional Neapolitan way and the pizzaiuolo can be seen making and baking your pizza through the door into the dining room.
Salame Picante
Their house wine is wonderful and I normally buy it by the bottle for meals at my mother-in-law's home just down the street. The wine is a deep red, slightly fizzy and mildly sweet, served chilled as many local/house wines are because they are not made with added sulfates. A bottle (.75 to 1.0 liter - depending on who bottled it) normally only costs a couple Euros. My only gripe and the reason for my one BOMB deduction is the owner's hesitance to sell bottles of wine for take-out unless you return with the bottles in-hand. I am not sure why, maybe there is a shortage of bottles because they serve it in decanters, but I seem to get an attitude every time I show-up bottle-less.
Ham and Mushroom (White - No Sauce)
One of these days, maybe before we leave this time, I am going to try some of their pasta and meat dishes. If they are as good as their pizzas, I should be quite a happy camper.

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Title: Naples, Italy: Frittole - An Imaginary Tuscan Village - I Could Not Imagine Pizza So Good

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