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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Inexpensive Drinks, Complimentary Tapas, Friendly Service ... What More Could You Ask For?

El Tapy
Calle Madre de Dios, 42
29012 Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain
+34 605 234 441
Prices: $$$$

Inexpensive drinks, complimentary tapas, friendly service ... what more could you ask for? The appropriately named "El Tapy", located near Picasso's boyhood home on Plaza Merced (Merced Square) in the northern portion of Málaga's "Old Town", is much larger than it appears from the street. There is a maze of several large air conditioned rooms as you meander your way toward the kitchen in the back. 

Menus are on the walls and the table with cheap drinks (draft beer €1-€3 and tinto de verano €1.20) and array of Spanish foods to choose from. I ordered a tinto de verano, a refreshing summer drink (hence the name) with a mix of local red wine, sparkling lemonade, and a slice of lemon. When it arrived, the waiter also brought a small plate of paella as a free tapa. A drink and a plate of food for €1.20 ... unheard of!

I made the mistake of ordering the Patatas Bravas (sliced potatoes in a spicy chili sauce - €4) and Chorizo Rojos (red Spanish sausage - €5) before my next drink (and complimentary tapa)
arrived, this time an Ensalada Rusa (Russian salad, aka potato salad). My sausage and potatoes were soon delivered, the potatoes, too much to eat for one person, and the sausages (3) were very good, but when my next drink arrived (the tintos are quite small by the way), it was accompanied by another free tapa, this time two large marinated chicken wings.

By the time I left I was stuffed, but the bill for four drinks (two tintos, two cervesas), three tapas, potatoes, and sausages came to a little over €16, quite cheap for the amount of food I received. The food was decent, the portions fair, and the prices reasonable.

CombatCritic Gives El Tapy 7 Out Of 10 Bombs ... Bombs Are Good!

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Title: Inexpensive drinks, complimentary tapas, friendly service ... what more could you ask for?

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