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Faro, Portugal; Great Expectations, Oustanding View, But A Disappointing Breakfast Buffet

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Washougal, WA: Our"Bar" Not Set Very High And Small Plates Left Me Somewhat Unimpressed

1887 Main Street
Washougal, WA 98671
Phone number: (360) 954-5141
Prices: $$$$

Little place, little plates, a little more imagination. I met some friends in Washougal to admire the pouring rain and grab a bite to eat. I wanted to try a place in Camas, but they took me to OurBar.
Biscuits And Gravy?
The menu is very limited and you order at the counter, then fight for a table. I guess I missed the side of the menu with sandwiches, so I ordered the quiche. A bit too light and fluffy for my liking, the consistency and flavor was more like a souffle than a quiche, but it was not bad. The tiny plate held the not so big slice of quiche ($7) and a mini smattering of fried potatoes.
My friends ordered the Sopa de Fideo ($9) and Egg in a Basket ($5) and we shared an order of biscuits and gravy ($8). I tasted the sopa and it was pretty good, but the basketed egg looked a little underwhelming, even on a small plate. The bacon and cheddar biscuits were good, but not what I expected with the wild boar (swine/pig) gravy. The biscuits were not big by any stretch and the brown (not white and country) gravy came in a teeny tiny little bowl.
Sopa de Fideo

Egg In Too Small A Basket
The food was pretty good and seemed fresh, but the service was non-existent, and the ambiance lacking any character. If you are hungry and looking for traditional breakfast fare, this is not the place to go. If you want something very different and on the lighter side, OurBar could be the place for you.

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Title: Washougal, WA: Our"Bar" Not Set Very High And Small Plates Left Me Somewhat Unimpressed

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