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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Lyon, France: Fleury's Charming Little - Very Little - Studio Near Tete d'Or Parc in Lyon

Lyon 6e Arrondissement
Metro: Masséna and Brotteaux
2 Guests - Studio - 1 Bed, 1 Bath
We thought our Airbnb "studio apartment" in Paris was small until we arrived at Fleury's Charming Little Studio Near Tete d'Or Parc in Lyon. Once again, you get what you pay for and at just $306 for 5 nights ($60/night), I should not have been surprised.

We arrived as scheduled and as I informed Fleury and his colleagues several times, but we had to stand in the rain in front of the partment building and wait over 45 minutes for his colleague to arrive and let us in. Not a great start!

The building was old, yet charming and the room itself clean, well appointed, and the neighborhood "one of the best in Lyon" we were told by a friend (who was featured on House Hunter's International a couple of years back). The only problem was the size.

The apartment is accessed by entering a code at the massive front doors and walking up a flight of about 15 stairs. The entire space was about 10' x 12', including the toilet room, sink/shower room, and kitchenette which occupied less than 30 inches (wide) on the west side of the room. My wife and I brought a single medium size piece of luggage each and I had a backpack and my wife a large purse, that was it. We really did not have all that much with us because we were limited to 33 pounds of luggage each, but it took me an hour to figure out where to put everything.

The photos on Airbnb are deceiving, taken with a wide angle camera and/or from places a human could not possibly occupy. If you have more than two normal size people with one medium bag each, a backpack and a large purse ... DO NOT RENT THIS ROOM! We ended up consolidating plates and other things on the few shelves in the room in order to make room for the few things that we had, storing our bags in the shower and having to remove them every time we needed to wash.

The toilet and shower rooms (separate) had sliding doors and were barely wide or long enough to be functional. I am 5' 10" and about 220 pounds, but I could barely fit in the toilet space. I actually had to sit sideways at a 45 degree angle on the toilet in order to fit inside while being able to close the door. I will not go into any further details as not to gross you out, but the rest of the process was also a bit of a logistical nightmare.

The adjacent, but unconnected, shower room was equally as narrow, but a shower could be taken after moving our bags out of the way of course. The bathroom sink was so tiny that it was useless and it took forever to drain, so we ended up using the "kitchenette" sink instead. There was a single hook in the shower, barely big enough to hang a single towel on.

That brings me to the "kitchen". It was well equipped with a two burner stove, microwave, small fridge, decent size sink, a Nespresso coffee machine (that did not work all that well), an electric kettle, and a toaster. The only problem being that we had to take turns using the appliances due to the lack of counter space and electric sockets. They had the bare minimum in terms of plates, cups, silverware, and utensils, only what is required to comply with Airbnb standards.

The bed was decent and fairly comfy, between an American full and queen I would say, but it took up about 1/3 of the room. The remainder was occupied by a small table, two chairs and two small, narrow cupboards - one a single small cubicle on the floor and the other a tall, narrow stack of cubicles next to the bed. My wife and had had to literally take turns walking around the room due to the lack of space.

They told us that we had to wash the dishes and empty the trash (rubbish) when we left even though we had to pay an additional $34 for the "cleaning fee". Excuse me, the rubbish bin (trash can) took up another square foot-and-a-half of floor space, but the plastic bag they left inside was only big enough for 1/4 of the rubbish that would fit inside. We did wash up and tried to take the rubbish out when we left, but the bins downstairs were completely full and we did not have a bag big enough to transport it even if there was enough room.

Finally, as far as the negatives are concerned, the Wi-Fi left much to be desired. It was a 4G/LTE connection, if that, provided by a tiny mobile router that plugged into the wall. It was just fast enough to check email and do some vary basic web surfing, but it took forever to load photos and streaming video was completely out of the question.

Now let me get on to the positives of which there were a few ...
The area was great, centrally located and with many diverse restaurants in the neighborhood (French, Italian, Ethiopian, Brazilian, Thai, Chinese, Kebab, Halal, Japanese, Steaks ... you name it) and two Metro stops within a three to four block radius (Masséna and Brotteaux), the former on the east-west (Pink - A - toward Place Bellcour and the old part of town) line and the latter on the north-south (Blue - B - from Gare Part Due and connecting to the A Line up north) line.
The room was small, but it had everything we needed (except an English language TV station) and served its purpose during our five days in Lyon. Another very handy feature was the laundromat just across the street where we were able to refresh our wardrobes given the fact that there were no facilities in the room or in the building. A damn decent value overall if you think of it as a room and not a "studio" apartment, and I might even consider staying here again if we could not find anything better.

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Title: Lyon, France: Fleury's Charming Little - Very Little - Studio Near Tete d'Or Parc

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