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Friday, December 7, 2018

Tel Aviv, Israel: It Was May In December And A Burger And Fries I Shall Soon Forget

May 6
13, Ben Ami, Tel Aviv 6341223, Israel
Dizinfoff Square
Phone: +972 72-241-0551
Website: 6May

Our server, Hagar, was both very kind and efficient, going as far as to offer us some of of her dinner, a delicious pile of steamed cauliflower topped with a mixture of tahini, something I cannot even start to pronounce and fresh herbs. I had a pint (500ml) of the local brew, the Macabi 7.9% (₪26 or $7) and my wife a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade (₪12 or $3.25).

The place is simple with a younger crowd and hipster feel, those looking for a simple burger or a pizza and a beer. The burgers were not particularly large (140g or 5 oz) or cheap, mine a Bacon Cheeseburger (₪59 or $15.80) with lettuce and aioli, coming with french fries, and my wife a Classic Burger (₪49 + cheese ₪5 = ₪55 or $14.50) also served with fries.

The burgers were tasty, even if a bit small, coming on a fresh, toasted brioche bun, obviously having been handmade and very juicy. My wife's was quite a bit undercooked (medium rare) for her liking (well done), but they noticed that she was not eating and did not hesitate to cook her another to her standard. The fries were hot and decent, but a bit too mushy and oily for my taste.

Hagar made an otherwise so-so experience into a visit we will not soon forget. She answered questions about Israeli culture, customs, and phrases as well as giving advice on places we should and should not visit. Her boss did not like the fact that Hagar was taking time to socialize with her guests, but her compassion earned May 6 another 2 Bombs (1/5 stars) in this review and for her a gratuity commensurate with the service.

I may be comparing unfairly, but I have had much better and less expensive burgers in Spain, Italy and, of course, the US, so my rating is based on value of a similar dinner for two at a cost of ₪180 ($50). Did we get the best bang-for-the-buck?

CombatCritic Gives May 6 A Very Reasonable 6 Bombs Out Of 10 ... More Bombs Are Better!
Six Bombs Equates To:

Translation for Civilians: "Good To Go"

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Title: Tel Aviv, Israel: It Was May In December And A Burger And Fries I Shall Soon Forget

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