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Friday, October 14, 2016

Pushkar, India: Great Breakfast, Reasonable Prices, Great View ... Excellent Advice!

Laura's Cafe
Main Market Road
Opp Jhulelal Ghat
Pushkar 305022, India
Phone: +91 95291 05018
Prices: $$$$

A very nice place on the main street with a view of Pushkar from the rooftop terrace. Excellent service, good food, and above average value, Laura's Cafe is recommended for breakfast

My wife had the Rose Muesli (130 rupees/$2.10), handmade muesli with Pushkar rose syrup, dates, and pomegranate seeds (you CAN eat them) in a creamy yogurt (curd). It was quite exotic, delicious, and filling. I had my standard peanut butter and banana on toast. The bread was a brown (whole grain) variety, thick and tasty with the included ingredients. Their lattes are also very good and very reasonably priced, equaling some of the best coffee houses in New Delhi.

We were "scammed" by a couple of self-proclaimed Brahmin at a Hindu temple, of all places, on Pushkar Lake the day prior and we were looking (unsuccessfully) for the "tourist police" to report the culprits (I had taken a photo of one of them). The manager was quite helpful, sitting with us and empathizing with our assessment of the unsavory experience and pointing us in the right direction to make our report (the "Brahmin" was captured, detained, and forced to repay the 500 rupees ($8) he stole from my wife).

We had breakfast there two mornings and were very happy with our experiences on both occasions.

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Title: Pushkar: Great Breakfast, Reasonable Prices, Great View ... Excellent Advice!

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