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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ħaġar Qim, Malta: CombatCritic And The Temples Of Whom?

Ħaġar Qim And Manjdra Temples
Għar Dalam Road
B’Buġia BBG, Malta 9014
Phone: +(356) 2165 7419
Prices: €€€€

You actually get two temples for the price of one here (current prices below), plus an excellent 4D show, so THIS IS A MUST SEE if visiting Malta.

If bussing it, take bus number 74 from Valletta or 201 from Rabat (Mdina)and get off at the "Hagar" stop, just two stops past "Panorama" (nice view of the Blue Grotto area) and the stop after "Grotto", a small tourist village where you embark for the grotto. If driving, there is a large car park (parking lot Yanks) adjacent to the museum. Just look for the sign on the west side of Triq Wied Iz-Zurrieq just north of the Blue Grotto.

The Ħaġar Qim Manjdra Temples (one ticket gives access to both) are five hundred meters (1/2 km) apart with an elevation change of 100-200 feet, so the stone and cement path connecting the two is quite steep. Be prepared for a challenging walk/ride back up the hill and if you are in a wheelchair or severely disabled, possibly considering another option because you will challenged by the terrain and distances and will not see much (unlike Tarxien, which is wheelchair friendly as well as being a much nicer and more inexpensive complex). For the younger and more fit, there are several hiking trails stemming from the path between the temples, taking you to other local sites and beautiful vistas of the sea and local island below.

Path Between Temples

None of the individual temples (Tarxien, Ħaġar Qim or Manjdra) are very large (400-600 square meters) and can be seen in much less than an hour unless you are an archeologist or professional photographer. In the case of Ħaġar Qim or Manjdra, most of your time will be spent in the museum as you enter the complex, which has an amazing, yet short, 4D introduction video with 3D graphics as well as scents, mist and other sensory experiences throughout the show, and walking the 500 meters between temples.


These neolithic temples, dating back (like Tarxien) to approximately 2,600 years B.C., pre-date Stonehenge by 100 years or so, and are much more extensive than their English counterpart. The monoliths are equally as impressive, but, unlike Stonehenge, these have been excavated and restored, giving you a much better idea of what the were like nearly 5,000 years ago.
Ħaġar Qim Temple

The prices are higher than most neolithic sites on Malta and Gozo, but are fairly reasonable at €10 for adults and €7.50 for seniors/students and €5.50 for children, considering the fact that you get two temples for the price of one as well as an amazing video and view of the Mediterranean. 

Manjdra Temple

You can take the Hop On, Hop Off busses here or, again, take Malta Public Transport (bus - €3 each round trip) to the Hagar Bus Stop, served by the #74 (Valletta Bus) and #201 (Airport). You can easily connect to the #74 at Valletta's Main Bus Terminus or #201 at the airport from pretty much anywhere on Malta.

CombatCritic Gives Ħaġar Qim 10 Bombs Out Of 10 ... More Bombs Are Better!

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Summer Hours (4/1 - 9/30)

Monday to Sunday: 0900-1800 hours
Last admission at 1730

Winter Hours (10/1 - 3/31)

Monday to Sunday: 0900 - 17 00 hours
Last admission at 16.30

Closed on 12/24, 25 & 31, 1/1, and Good Friday

Adults (18 - 59 years): €10.00
Youth (12 - 17 years), Senior Citizens (60 years & over), and Students: €7.50
Children (6 - 11 years): €5.50
Infants (1 - 5 years): Free

Title: Ħaġar Qim, Malta: CombatCritic And The Temples Of Whom?

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