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Friday, December 1, 2017

Wall Of Shame: Another Day, Another 3 Million Dollars - TripAdvisor Riding The Backs Of The Little Guys ... Their Customers

TripAdvisor LLC
400 First Avenue
Needham, MA 02494 USA
Phone: +1 (781) 800-5000

TripAdvisor is a greedy, ruthless company and if you believe their dribble, I have a bridge in Hayes, Kansas I would love to sell you.

I was a TripAdvisor "TOP CONTRIBUTOR" for years, submitting hundreds of complimentary reviews from all over the World and getting nothing in return except total disrespect, refusing to publish many of my reviews with no reasonable explanation.

TripAdvisor makes billions (approximately $1.5 Billion in 2015) off of merchants who pay for "premium" ad or review placement on their websites and review contributors like me who spend a great deal of time generating revenue for TripAdvisor by submitting reviews gratis. Take a look at their swanky new headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts paid for by you (who click on their ads), me (who foolishly submit reviews gratis to TripAdvisor), and merchants (who pay for ads and premium review placement).

I had numerous reviews "denied" for posting on TripAdvisor while given no explanation other than "your review does not meet our guidelines". The same exact reviews were submitted on such reputable sites as Yelp (where I am Elite '14/'15/'16'/'17), Zomato ("Verified Connoisseur"), Tabelog (Official "Silver" Judge), (Genius), and others, including my popular blog CombatCritic's TravelValue, and published without delay. TripAdvisor, on the other hand, MUST APPROVE ALL REVIEWS before publishing, ensuring that they contribute to their bottom line ($$$$) and do not detract from paid advertisements or their own image.

I can guarantee you that the "pending" reviews listed in the above photo will never be published because of my valid criticisms of TripAdvisor's imperfect website and biased business practices. Here are the unfiltered reviews in question if you want to read them for yourself:
Valletta, Malta: Free Valletta Tour Well Worth Price Of Admission ... And More!
Valletta, Malta: "Sunk" My Teeth Into This "Submarine" And Boy Was I Glad I Did
The owner of The Submarine, for example, has been complaining to TripAdvisor for months about the incorrect map location of their business on TripAdvisor's website, to no avail. We had the same problem, searching for the "#1 of 280 Valletta Restaurants", The Submarine, on TripAdvisor's map function, missing the mark by several blocks and finally calling the business to get directions. I submitted a map correction to TripAdvisor, pinpointing the exact location of The Submarine, but like all other feedback customers give them, it will likely be ignored. The only reason we were using TripAdvisor, by the way, is because they are the only game in town (Malta - the same in India), likely paying-off local officials, in my opinion, in order to keep competition like Yelp and Zomato out of their markets.

All TripAdvisor cares about is making money, not telling the truth, in my opinion, so they only post reviews that support their goals, generating revenue from travel industry businesses that pay for premium placement and clicks on travel related ads. That is why I told them to "shove it" about a year-and-a-half ago after they refused to publish my perfectly benign review of the Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, resubmitting the same review several times only to be denied publishing.

I documented my concern and protest of TripAdvisor's unprofessional behavior and misleading content in my June 24, 2016 post after complaining to TripAdvisor several times, with no response, then deleting my "Top Contributor" account entirely.

I refuse to do business with TripAdvisor and so should you. The only reason I posted the recent reviews was to test their business practices once again by posting my concerns and complaints publicly to see if they would be published ... they will not.

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Title: Wall Of Shame: Another Day, Another 3 Million Dollars - TripAdvisor Riding The Backs Of The Little Guys ... Their Customers

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