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Sunday, December 24, 2017

DayTripQuip - Italy: Naples To Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast And Capri

When in Naples, do as the Neapolitans do! A nice day trip from Naples can take you to Pompeii, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, the beautiful island of Capri and points beyond if you so wish. It would be next to impossible to do it all in one day, but you can easily pick one or two destinations and break your day trips up over multiple days.

To visit Pompeii from Naples, take the Circumvesuviana line from the Napoli Centrale (main) train station (click here for schedule), making sure you arrive at least 10-15 minutes early as the Circumvesuviana platforms are a short walk and escalator ride away from the main platforms. You must buy your ticket at the entrance to the Circumvesuviana and, like all trains and buses in Italy, validate your ticket (at the yellow metered boxes) before getting on the train. Even with a valid ticket, if not stamped at one of the meters, you will be fined if a conductor checks your ticket and it does not have a stamp with the proper automated date and time. Once on the Circumvesuviana platform (normally Platform 3), make sure that you get on the "Sorrento" train and get off at the Pompeii Scavi - Villa dei Misteri station, taking about 35 minutes to reach.
Mount Vesuvius Looms In The Background - At Pompeii
When leaving the Pompeii Scavi station, go the the right on the street in front of you and ignore all of the crooks trying to sell you tours. Follow the signs toward the "Archeological Site" and about 100 yards (meters) down the road you will see the entrance on your left where you can buy an entry ticket for €11, adding an audio tour nearby for a few Euros more. There is an information booth next to the ticket window where you can find maps of Pompeii as well as information booklets (A Guide To The Pompeii Excavations) in several languages which provide detailed explanations of the main attractions within the archeological site. 
Famous "Dog - Do Not Enter" 
You do not really need an Audio Tour because Pompeii is broken-up into nine zones on the map and you will find signs with Zone and Site Number in front of each individual attraction (villas, baths, amphitheatre, stores, etc.) , making it easy to find the corresponding explanation in the guide.

There are toilets and cafeterias inside the site, but you can take food and drinks along with you and have a picnic at the place and time of your choosing. Make sure that you note the closing time when buying your ticket because you would not want to find yourself lost and locked into the site after dark as you do not need to scan your ticket when exiting, making it impossible for them to know if there are lost tourists still within the vast complex of streets and alleys. You must also ensure that you exit the same site from which you entered because there are numerous exits which, if used, would leave you with a difficult journey back to the station and a high risk of getting lost.


Another wonderful DayTrip is to the ancient seaside town of Sorrento, just a little over an hour and a half away on the same train. Instead of getting off at Pompeii, continue to the end of the line and the beautiful clifftop city of Sorrento (schedule below or CLICK HERE).

Il Duomo - Sorrento's Cathedral
The train station is actually at the bottom of the cliff, so follow the signs up the steep hill toward "Centro Storico" (historical center). Once at the top of the hill, the main town will be off to your right where you can head down the main street toward the Duomo or turn right onto one of the many streets or alleys filled with restaurants and shopping galore.

Naples-Sorrento Train Schedule
View from Sorrento to Port and Train Station
Another option is to take the fast ferry from the Port of Naples (Molo Beverello - See Map Below) via Alilauro to Sorrento (or Capri, Ischia, Procida, Positano, and Amalfi among others).

To get to Molo Beverello, take the Metropolitana to Stazione Municipio and head directly east toward the port, about 500 meters (1/2 km) away by foot, an easy walk.

The ferry is a bit more expensive than the train, but is much quicker and hassle-free.

Positano and the Amalfi Coast

From Sorrento, take the blue SITA bus (click here for timetables) from the main piazza to scenic Positano, about 40 minutes away and a white knuckle ride along the scenic Amalfi Coast's main road. You can exit at Positano and explore the hillside town or continue on to Praino, Conca, or Amalfi (50 minutes past Positano). Return to Sorrento the same way you came, ensuring that you have enough time to catch the last train (at the very latest) or else you will find yourself looking for a hotel and spending the night in Sorrento.

You can also take the Alilauro ferry directly from Naples as described above. There are also ferries going to Positano and Amalfi directly from Sorrento if the bus frightens you or have motion sickness and the sea is calm. 


From Sorrento, you can go down to the port and take the hydrofoil for a relatively short ride to beautiful Capri for a day of exploring, shopping, and/or eating on this lovely and somewhat expensive tourist destination (click here for schedule). Again, return to the port early enough to go back to Sorrento by hydrofoil and catch your train. Another option is to buy a one way (solo andata) ticket for the hydrofoil from Sorrento, buying a return (ritorno) ticket for the hydrofoil that takes you back to Naples (click for schedule). Once in Naples, you can find a Metropolitana (Metro) station, either at Piazza Garibaldi (if arriving by train) or near the port, for the return journey to your original point of departure.

You can also take the Alilauro ferry to Capri directly from Naples as described above.

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Title: DayTripQuip - Italy: Naples To Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast And Capri

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